Defence Career Academy School & Junior College

We, the makers of the school aspire to equip the child with the most efficient and excellent technological proficiency so that the student may function with clarity and efficiency in the modern world.

A more important motto than this is to create the appropriate atmosphere and environment so that the child may develop fully as a complete human being. This means giving the child the opportunity to bloom in goodness so that he or she is rightly related to people, things and ideas, to the whole of life.


Our Vision

To excel and flourish the innocent souls.

Our Mission

The mission of the school is to train the minds of the students educationally and excel them thoroughly in academics and intelligence. To serve society through excellence in education is the main mission of the DCA School & Junior College. Everything that the school plans and implements in the students is through

  •   The excellent quality of tutoring
  •   The efficiency of management.
  •   The honesty towards each member of DCA School & Junior College Family.
  •   The sense of responsibility and maturity.

Our Core Values

The school has set some core values for maintaining the belief of integrity, truthfulness, ethics and honesty.
Team DCA School & Junior College believes in

  •   INTEGRITY - Know and do what is right.
  •   RESPECT - Treating others the way you want to be treated.
  •   RESPONSIBILITY - Embrace opportunities to contribute.
  •   SPORTSMANSHIP - Bring your best to all competition.
  •   SERVANT LEADERSHIP - Serve the common good.