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Sending Your Child To School After Pandemic??? Keep These Important Things In Mind.

16 June 2021

As a parent, one of the biggest challenges and fears is sending your kid to school after lockdown and simultaneously keeping a watch on his/ her health. We have always been listening " Precaution is better than cure " and it does implies here. Any of the parent cannot afford their child's bad health and therefore looking out on his/her health is as important task everyone s going through. The schools however are not at all exciting and adventurous like before instead it has become a doubtful place to send the kids. 

Along with parents and kids, the school staff and schools themselves are taking all the needed safety efforts to keep the innocent soul safe while covering the syllabus and making the children-friendly once again to the school schedule. During the lockdown period, all of us got used to take care of ourselves -be it be a kid or an old aged person, everyone is just crazy about sanitizing habits and the same thing we are going to observe after the COVID ScenesThere is a huge checklist when we think of keeping a step out of our homes and when it comes to sending your child to school, it gets doubled. Lets checkout how.

1) Setting the mind right.

The very first thing the parents are going to face is the challenge to make the mindset of the child to go back to school again after a long 9 months holiday. They are really not going to get ready for the school schedule again. Talk to your child about how they are feeling about going back to school and tell them not to get worried but to be strong and attend the school. 

2) Informing about the new schedule-

Provide your child with as much information about their new routine and school day as you can. This will help them to prepare for any changes that have been made to the timings of their day, the layout of their classroom, their peer groups, and playtimes. For younger children, it can be really helpful for them to visualize these changes. 

3) Reassuring 

The pandemic which transformed everything in our lives has given everyone some or the other instructions like keeping distance,not stepping out of home and much more.They might find it difficult to change these habits. Talk with your child about ways they can stay safe at school, such as washing their hands before and after eating, and reassure them that the school are putting measures in place to keep them safe.

4) Re-establish a routine 

During lockdown, it is understandable that your family’s routine may have changed. Children are likely to have been waking up later or going to bed later. To help them get ready for school, try to gradually get them back into their usual morning and bedtime routines as they get closer to their return date.

5) Give them all the safety things along

The kids are innocent and making them smart is our duty. No doubt, the lockdown has taught us how to use the safety measures but beyond that, it is our duty to teach them and give all the safety measures along like an extra mask, sanitizer, etc. and ask them to use all the things without fail. Don't scare them but make them understand the need for the things. 

6) Disinfecting wipes.

Your child is going to come across at least a dozen high touch surfaces during the day. From desks, tabletops, doorknobs, handles etc, that’s why it’s never a bad idea to include travel size disinfecting wipes in their backpack so they’re always prepared. It’s also a good idea to send a full-size container or two to your child’s teacher for classroom use.

All the above checklists each and every parent will come across and find it very difficult to send the ward out of the homes but it is pa part of our lives now and we need to take care of it every time. All the Dearest parents reading this, the most important item on your checklist

No matter the style of learning you’ve chosen this fall, be confident in the fact that it was the right choice for you and your family. Please remember to give yourself, your children and their teachers a little bit of grace. These are unprecedented times and we need to be kind to one another.

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