Primary Education Std I - V


The primary education at our school is from class I - V where we basically focus on grooming students personality. The kids are at a stage where they are going to witness the actual education world and we want them to excel this stepping stone. It is the duty of each and every aspect of student's life to develop their skill sets and make them a genuine person. Shaping their future is a big task and we aim at this wholely. The different skill sets are adapted by the teachers like teaching on interactive boards which is an integral part of each and every classroom from Class I to Class V.

Middle Education Std VI - VIII


The main purpose of the school is to impart education to the growing future of the country and we at DCA School & Junior College focuses on this on a high priority. For us , Education is the brightest way to lead towards the great career.

The DCA School & Junior College aims at the creating a balanced approach towards the teaching-learning process keeping in mind the learning objectives prescribed by CBSE, thus, ensuring a student-centric learning environment.

In middle school, learning becomes the core of subjects such as Science into Biology, Physics and Chemistry, Mathematics into Algebra, Geometry and Arithmetic, and Social Studies into History, Civics, Geography. Along with English and Hindi. We ensure the co-scholastic areas in our school which are equally important for the overall development of the learners.


We provide Music, Art, Dance and Personality Development Program (PDP) and various outdoor sports such as Cricket, Football, Basket ball, Badminton, Indoor Sports such as Chess, Carrom etc. All the teachers have to be aware for the intellectual development of the students that will be easily helpful for their learning.

Secondary Education Std IX - X


Scholastic activities are more important when the grade VII comes to an end. Teachers at DCA School & Junior College has inbuilt a habit of 2 way teaching which includes question answer session by the teacher conducted in class, doubt solving sessions and much more for the holistic development of the child.

At DCA School & Junior College, schedule class tests weekly as that the progress comes to the sight of the parents and teachers as well. This is the mandatory part of the School. Once a week, teachers can call parents and inform them about the growth of children.

Reading, writing creative sessions and exploring the educational ideas is a main art to be groomed when it is IX & X of the child. Teachers take care of this at DCA School & Junior College and have a belief that the child will give their best for the examinations. This will help the kids to learn better.