We at Defence Career Academy school & Junior College, believe that Education is a process of inviting truth and possibility, of encouraging and giving time to discovery and of developing and training minds to ensure proper results.

Yes, we encourage our students to be academically sound and enthusiastic, However at the same time we motivate them to be involved in as many activities as possible. Be it sports & co curricular activities as participation helps them to discover and unleash their talents, build team spirit and initiate leadership skill.

The parents of Defence Career Academy school & Junior College School has given equally active participation in the overall development of the child nurturing their present, grooming their future and to make them ready for facing the coming up challenges.

The purpose of Defence Career Academy school & Junior College is

  •   Educate individuals within society
  •   To prepare and qualify them for work in economy & to integrate people into society
  •   To inculcate harmony, integrity and honesty.
  •   To explore the education system with us.

The Managing Committee

Trustee Designation
Mr. Sominath Trimbak Rahane President
Ms. Lalita Anil Jadhav Vice President
Mr. Kedar Sominath Rahane Secretary
Mrs. Pushpa Dnyaneshwar Golhar Joint Secretary
Ms. Lata Uttam Kamble Treasurer
Mrs. Urmila Kedar Rahane Treasurer
Mrs. Jyoti Sudhakar Gayake Member
Mrs. Anita Sachin Rahane Member